What We Do

Arcadius Dog Collars produces 100% handmade dog fashion. We don't just make durable and fashionable dog collars, but also leashes and accessories for dogs. We also even have specialty fashion collars made from glass pearls, perfect for a wedding or other fancy occasion. With a custom sized dog collar and a bow tie or flower, your dog will be ready for your special event or just look cute at the dog park every day! A matching leash completes the set so your canine family member can be fashionable and safe. Our collars are made from natural materials like cotton, silk, and leather, and we use woven interfacing instead of nylon in the as the core of our collars because it's better for the environment and your dog! In addition to exclusive prints, we make our own prints using unique dyeing techniques and exclusive leather colors by mixing tints. All of our hand dyed materials are exclusive to us, of course and we take great care and pride in each one. 

Who We Are

Arcadius Dog Collars is a team of four humans and five furry friends (with the newest addition to our family starting 6/28/2015!)  Our humans are old friends as well as business partners, so we're practically family! Our four-pawed companions include two small dogs, our new big dog, and two cats. The animals are our willing guinea pigs for new designs and our human family keeps us sane when things get busy!

Arcadius People:
Chris is the founder, sewist, and design coordinator for our company.  She started Arcadius Dog Collars in February 2012 with a bin of clearance fabrics and a pipe dream to work for herself making products she believed in for the animal friends she loved. In a year, her quality craftsmanship and unique design quality got her well on her way to working from home.  And in 2015, Chris' little pipe dream business grew out of Etsy and onto its own space in the internet universe--arcadiusdogcollars.com!

Amanda is the Arcadius Dog secretary, personal assistant, and general Girl Friday.  She keeps the gears turning, and she keeps Chris quite organized and prevents her from working herself into the ground just because she enjoys it.   Amanda also helps in the dog collar sewing process, and she loves creating new designs in dog flowers and other collar accessories. She also designs many of the pearl collars and necklace collars. She loves color, shiny beads, and all things quirky.

Bart is our social media guru and photographer.  He makes Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr actually FUN! If you see any giveaways going on through our Facebook or our Instagram, you're communicating with him.  He has a great eye for design, and he also just happens to love public relations (as well as silly looking dogs and internet cats.) Bart's the guy to talk to if you want to get us to donate to your rescue or if you want to do a giveaway on your website. 

Sara is Bart's partner and the part time sewist if Chris needs a hand.  She has been sewing for years and has a real eye for detail and need for perfection.  Sara is also a chef and the brains behind 3 Monkeys Bakery, which provides our whole house with yummy snacks. Yep, including animal snacks too!

Arcadius Pets:
Starting off the four legged bunch is Puppy, our oldest dog.  She's a beautiful black-and-tan Cavalier King Charles and Dachshund mix.  She's our best model for collars and everything.  She will pose any which way for our camera and is the only one of the lot that will wear glasses!  Her hobbies include sleeping, eating, and occasional short walks to the post office and back.

Titus Arcadius is the inspiration for the business.  He is a full Cavalier King Charles and was purchased as a companion for Puppy, who can be very shy and standoffish with other dogs and people.  Titus brings her out of her shell.  Titus is a very trainable dog, but his common sense is non existent.  He loves long morning walks, snuggle time, and treats.

Huey and Galaxy are our cats.  They are two young male cats that just love playing with each other.  They will occasionally be still long enough for me to tether the bowtie right into place.  But it's always short lived.

Last and largest, Oliver (or Ollie for short) is the newest addition to our family!  He's roughly a four year old shepherd mix.  We're still figuring out what he likes, but so far we know that he will look excellent in our products, is a wearer of martingales, and really really loves peanut butter.

Dog Resources:

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