What are your sizes? 

All of our sizes are adjustable, and we offer various widths with each size. 
  • XXS - Extra-extra Small - 7-10" length, 1/2" & 3/4" width 
  • XS - Extra Small - 8-13" length, 1/2" & 3/4" width 
  • S - Small - 10-15" length, 3/4" & 1" width 
  • M - Medium - 12-20" length, 3/4" & 1" width 
  • L - Large - 15-25" length, 3/4" & 1" width 
  • XL - Extra Large - 18-30" length, 1" width 

How do I find my dog’s collar size? 

To get your dog's current neck measurement, take off their current collar, lie it flat and measure it. You can also take a soft measuring tape and loosely wrap it around your dog's neck, leaving one fingers extra space for a small dog and two fingers of extra space for a large dog. If you are still not sure about what size you should get, contact me with your dog's breed and weight. 

How do I find the size for an ID tag collar? 

Our tag collars are made to order and are not adjustable. That means you have to be really exact with your measurement. Because this collar has no buckle, you have to measure around the widest part of your pet's head, just before the ears. You can measure for a snug fit if your dog's head is substantially bigger than his neck (in the case of mine) or a looser fit if your dog has a small head. Tag collars are designed to sit loosely on your dog's neck. 

What is processing time? 

Each Arcadius Dog collar is made by hand to fit your dog, and the time we need to make your collar is called processing time. Our standard processing time is between 10 and 14 business days, or 1-2 weeks. If you need your dog fashion fast, purchase Expedited Shipping for a five day processing time plus faster shipping. 

What are your collars made of? 

Every designer dog collar by Arcadius is hand-crafted with high quality natural fabrics like cotton and silk. To make our fabric collars lightweight but durable, we use heavy interfacing. Our custom dog collars also feature a contoured buckle and a heavy welded D ring for leash and tag attachment. Our leather collars use high-quality leather and only steel rivets and rings so they will last. 

Why are your collars natural fibers and not nylon? 

Nylon may be durable, but let’s face it, it’s made of plastic, which means it’s not recyclable. We care about using and creating sustainable products, so nylon is out for that reason. Also, some dogs have allergies that cause painful skin irritation, and 100% natural fibers like cotton or silk are safe for most dogs’ skin. 

How do I wash my Arcadius dog collar? 

While you should hand-wash our silk collars, you can wash our cotton collars in the washing machine! You can clean our leather collars with either saddle soap or castile soap and a damp cloth, just as you would clean any other leather item. 

How do your accessories attach to dog collars? 

All our flowers and bow ties have a felt back with velcro straps that wrap around the collar. Flowers usually have one strip of velcro, but we put two on our bow ties for extra stability. Every accessory is hand sewn.